Saturday, November 22, 2008

What on earth is that falling from the sky?!?

The Christian Union is having a 24 hour prayer time at the uni at the moment - I just got home from doing the 7pm - 7am shift to get a bit of sleep before returning for the rest of it (and then two birthday parties immediately following).

Upon exiting the nice, warm classroom, I immediately thought it seemed a little more fresh than usual... then opened the doors outside to discover the most beautiful sight ever - dawn was just breaking and sending pink hues across the sky, and it was SNOWING!!! Imagine that - snow!!! It's not just something they made up for the TV to fool us all, it actually comes from the sky! I got a weird look or two as I walked home, most of the way with my head raised and my tongue out as far as it could go to taste some.

It was an amazingly cool experience - to be spending some time with the Big Guy and then to depart from that to discover that He's decided to paint some new pictures on the scenery. So, so cool.

...but also so, so, SO freaking COLD! My hands have literally dropped off, which has required me to type this with my nose, which is also about to go. So if I suddenly stop typing, you'll know w

(That was just a joke. My hands haven't really dropped off.)


Lissy said...

I am very glad to hear that your hands haven't actually fallen off :) ...

That is so exciting... Snowing... Wow!

Anonymous said...

Ahh Nick, Cmon we all know your digit-less and trying to break the news to us slowly.

But seriously... snow? I must say that I would like to see this snow. Picturize it!

Cheers -Dan B