Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wales and Norwich

Wow, it's been a while since I've updated. Apologies to all.

So I finished up in Edinburgh, and then caught a plane to Bristol, Wales. From there I had to catch a train for thirty minutes, and it cost me eight pounds. Eight pounds for a half hour train ride! Ridiculous. In any case, that took me to Newport, where I met up with Mike. For those not in the loop, Mike was the first Aussie guy to have gone through the Sovereign Grace pastor's college, and he's currently doing an internship in Wales.

Spent some time talking with him and the other pastors there, and was quite excited to discover that they're looking at planting the first Australian Sovereign Grace church in Newcastle. Quite intriguing how God's leading works, hey? I was able to fill them in on the current church situation around there and we brainstormed about how they would best be able to serve the community and stuff, it was great.

I also got to hang out with these guys:

They're what's known as the "Gap team" at the church - 5 Americans and a Pom. I stayed in an old English house with the three blokes, and we had a great time bach-ing it up, playing PS3 and doing ministry stuff.

Anywho, speaking of God's leading, remember our mate Chris, the guy on staff at St Helen's in London? Well, I went to that church, and asked about some decent churches in Norwich. One of the pastors there gave my email to another guy there, who emailed me with an email address for a pastor here in Norwich, who I then emailed. He then put a notice in the bulletin asking about accommodation, and the day after I got an email from Janet Malcolm saying that they were going to an au pair agency that week for some help around the house, but saw my advert and decided they'd offer the place to me first.

What that means is that in exchange for doing 15 hours a week of vacuuming, washing dishes and the like, I get free food and accommodation. What's best is that their house is just up the road from the uni, their 5 kids (from 9-18) are an absolute blast to be around, as are Paul and Janet (the parents), and their house is chockablok with musical instruments (2 pianos, guitars, brass, woodwind etc) and they have a million and two Christian books/commentaries! The theology-nerd in me is absolutely drooling right now.

Speaking of my theology-nerd-drool, while I was in Edinburgh hanging out with Evie and her mate Erin, we went into an old bookstore. Inside said bookstore, I managed to find a book of C.H Spurgeon's sermons from 1882-83. These are the original printouts that he'd done for the congregation, and someone bound them all together into a book. It's absolute gold, Spurgeon was one of the biggest champs known to man. I've only read through three thus far, but he's been a massive inspiration to me.

Well, that's about all I think I need to add for now... I'll endeavour not to take so long between posts next time.


Melly said...

Wow - That's awesome Nick! Have a great time at Uni!

Juliette Davis said...

'seek first the kingdom, and everything else will be handed to you'
your life is truly shaping up to be a testimony of such things!bless you nick, and thanks for your encouraging and challenging posts, lovin it!

michelle said...

i do love these blogs.

the end.