Thursday, August 7, 2008

Giving back to the generous

I don't have time to do a full entry as I'm just in an Internet cafe in Ireland...

But I got to pay back some generosity! Bob Kauflin said that I could take some stuff in to the church and they'd send it home for me, which saved me a lot of money. So I took a bag in, and Kyle was there (I'd met him a few times), and he jokingly said he'd only do it if I gave him a copy of The Nugget and The Castle (some guys from Perth had shown him them and he thought they were the funniest movies ever).

His face was absolutely priceless when I told him I actually had a copy of The Castle in the car, and went out and gave it to him! He was stoked. So now I feel like I've repaid a little something to the Sovereign Grace guys - only a little though!

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Lauren Elizabeth said...

Hahahaha, did u tell him about Kath and Kim and Russell Coight? I'm pretty sure everyone who's met an Aussie would love Russell Coight