Thursday, May 8, 2008

Counting backwards from two thousand

Does anyone else subconsciously figure out how many years ago something was based off the year 2000? I can't seem to help it.

1900, well, that was a hundred years ago. That doesn't seem too bad.

But then you get to 1950, and I assume "Yeah, that was fifty years ago". Eight years off still, but not that big a difference.

Look at 1975 - must have been 25 years ago. Err, no, that was 33 years ago.

Then it gets really scary when you remember the years. 1995, well, of course, that was only five years ago, right? Wrong - it was thirteen years ago. 1995? Thirteen years ago? No way.

Or 1998 - surely only two? Nope, that was a decade. A whole decade. And still I subconsciously think two.

Does anyone else think this way, or am I just going crazy? Or is this the process of finally becoming old? I dread to think.


Tim said...

nah - you're just old ;)

nimrodisease said...

Yeah, I do that too...